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Reap Bigger Rewards When You Follow Up with Life Insurance Leads

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Calculate ROI for your Life Insurance Lead Program on our Website


ROI Calculator

We hope you find our new ROI calculator helpful in your quest to plan and budget for a profitable lead program.  The Q&A section below will help you complete the fields so that you optimize your Return on Investment.

Q: How do I determine how many leads to purchase?

A: Ideally, you want to plan for at least 100 leads.  By doing so, you will:  

  1. Provide yourself with enough opportunities to polish your introduction, presentation and follow up strategy.
  2. Work with a diverse group of prospects that are evenly spread throughout the course of 20 business days (roughly 1 month) at 5 leads per day.
  3. Break even (worst case scenario) by relying on a percentage of leads from prospects that are looking to buy as soon as possible (provided you offer a competitive product and they like working with you).

Q: How do I determine the ‘Cost per Lead?’

A: The Lead Republic offers shared leads for as low as *$7; on average shared leads are sold to 4-5 agents.  Exclusive leads are available for as low as *$15 and are only sold to one agent.  *Subject to availability.

Q: What is the estimated percentage of leads closed?

A: Shared leads close at an average of 6%, exclusive leads at an average of 13%.

Q: What is the average annual premium?

A: The national average premium for a term policy is approximately $800.

Q: What is the average commission?

A: Commission is largely based on production; new agents start at approx. 80%; experienced agents can make up to 100%+.

Q: Why buy online leads?

A: As more and more consumers initiate their search for life insurance online, many agents are turning to online leads as a way to connect with individuals interested in finding a solution.  We eliminate the expense and hassle of lead generation and make individual leads available for under $20 per lead from a variety of reputable lead companies from one website and one financial transaction.

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